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Mac Book Pro Mockup showing the Website UX Offsite



This is how the start-up BrAli describes itself. BrAli develops individual CoWorkations for entire teams, sustainable and close by. This is how teams can work in a completely new way in times of remote work come together, work together and exchange ideas. 


FIFTY.ONE had the task to designBrAlis complete online appearance. It was particularly exciting to carry out this task in a dynamic start-up environment and to adapt to constantly changing requirements.

UX Offsite Wortbildmarke


UX Offsite Icon - Petrol
UX Offsite Icon - Yellow
UX Offsite Icon - Off White
UX Offsite Icon - Black

Icon in allen Brandfarben


Frame 11935.png
Frame 11937.png
Frame 11939.png
Frame 11936.png
Frame 11938.png
Frame 11940.png
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