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Type emojis like in Slack :rocket: 🚀 – Rocket the emoji tool for Mac

Ah, digital communication, the fine art of misinterpretation. Who hasn't sent an email or message only to have it read in the completely wrong tone?

Cue the awkward follow-up explaining, "That was a joke." Enter emojis, our digital saviors that sprinkle personality into our otherwise bland texts. But let's face it, finding the right emoji often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.

And then you are trying to open the Emojie window on the mac. How was the shortcut again? Tap the little globe once or twice or was it control + command + space? Or the function key? Then the window opens, no wait, it's gone again... Does this actually work in this app? Or do I need to open the note app, typ it in, copy it and past it. WTF Apple.

So ask Google if I wasn't the only person on the internet with this problem...

Google search for a good Emojie Tool

... And it turned out: No I wasn't

Slack saved emojies. Now Rocket saves macOS.

Well, fear not, weary texters! Rocket, a nifty tool for Mac users, is here to catapult your emoji game to stratospheric heights.

So there it is: Rocket.

Demo Screenrecording of Emojie tool rocket

So check out the website of Matthew Palmer, spread some love, leave a tip for his incredible work.

Or let's quote The Verge here

It works pretty much anywhere your keyboard does. Enter a colon when you want to use an emoji, type its name, and hit enter again to insert. It’s much more convenient than using the Mac’s built-in emoji keyboard

I know it's from 2026, but better late then never 😄 (this emoji was written by Rocket).



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